All Star Tamales


 Welcome  to our site. We sell most of our tamales and products at three of the  Bay Areas' "Best Farmers Markets". Take a look at our Farmers Markets  page to see where to go. 

Our tamales are bought everywhere that we go. If you are familiar  with our markets, then you know that our lines can get extremely long  and people come just to get their favorite ones. But you can't go wrong  with which ever one that you get!

All Star also offers many tamales for all kinds of taste  like, traditional meat ones, gooey cheese ones, and wholesome vegetarian  and vegan tamales. All gluten and lard free!

Our factory is located, for visits and pick-ups, at 510 Garcia ave. Suite Z. Call ahead for your Special Orders. Retail hours for the factory are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am - 3pm. 

 You can contact us at the factory (925) 252-1097  Fax (925) 267-3992 or
by E-mail at  

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